The fabric division started operations in 1994 with the weaving of greige fabrics. Subsequently, facilities for processing and finishing 100 per cent polyester filament fabrics were added.
The fabric processing facility employs know-how from Komatsu Seiren of Japan, one of the world's largest polyester fabric manufacturers. The Fabrics Division offers a one-stop shop for fabrics created from a new generation of polyester filament yarns, replicating the properties of cotton, wool, silk and linen.

Laminated fabrics have been recently added to the wide range of products. The weaving facility uses Japanese water jet looms and its suppliers have acknowledged that the weaving machines at Indorama Synthetics are operating at the highest efficiencies in the country. All fabrics are available in greige, dyed and printed form, in 44" and 58" finished widths.

Type Description Weight range (gsm)
Failles Classic fabrics with a touch of Indorama 65-134
Georgettes High twisted fabrics 65-131
Bottom wear Heavier fabrics in classic and novel weaves 177-266
New fabrics Fabrics employing special weaves, yarns and finishes 66-213

Product range Type Applications
Dress materials Chiffon Blouses, dresses
Chiffon Yoryus Blouses
Dobby Ladies' dresses
Georgette Blouses, ladies' dresses
Poly rayon Blouses, ladies' dresses (Mostly Malaysian segment)
Sateen Blouses, ladies' dresses, lingerie, evening wear, lining fabric
Soft touch Blouses, ladies' dresses
Abhaya/ Jet black and thoube fabric Jet black Womens clothing - Middle East Market
Thoub Mens clothing - Middle East Market
Polyster suiting range Micro fibre Corporate wear and casuals, both for men and women
Amy collection Middle East formals
Thick and thin / LLT Corporate wear - men's and women's wear
Furnishing range Furnishing Curtains, upholstery
Performax: Lamination fabric range 2 and 3 ply laminated fabric with breathable and non-breathable membranes Sportswear, ski wear, golf wear, institutional wear
Bonded fabrics like poly/nylon with fleece Sportswear, ski wear, golf wear, institutional wear
Bonded fabric with foam Automotive industry and lingerie industry