About Us

Indorama Corporation is one of Asia’s leading chemical companies. Its origins trace back to 1975 with the start of Indorama Synthetics in Indonesia by its founder, M.L. Lohia, and his son, S.P. Lohia. Indorama Synthetics started as a cotton yarn spinning company. In 1991, the company diversified into the production of polyester fibres from petchem derivatives, and subsequently into the production of PET resins.

Today, Indorama Corporation, which is headquartered in Singapore, manufactures a multitude of products including nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, textiles, cotton fibre, and medical gloves. We are the largest producer of urea and phosphate fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa, the largest producer of polyolefins in West Africa, and the third largest producer of synthetic gloves in the world. We are also an integrated producer of cotton and synthetic spun yarns. We employ over 20,000 people worldwide (www.indorama.com).

Our associate, Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), is the largest producer of PET Resin in the world and also one of the biggest producers of polyester feedstock (www.indoramaventures.com).