Phosphoric Acid Site

Known as Darou, after the name of the community in which the facilities were installed (Darou Khoudoss), ICS's Acid Site is a chemical complex made up of two adjacent phosphoric acid production units, with a total production capacity of 660,000 tons of P2O5 per annum.

The facilities, located near the Taiba mine (100 km from Dakar) have enabled Senegal to develop large-scale inorganic chemistry and locally process a growing share of its phosphate production into phosphoric acid, thus creating a sizeable added value. This industrial activity has also enabled ICS to boost a variety of other sectors in the country (transportation - repairs - services - trade - water and power supply - etc.)

The Darou1 and Darou2 plants, with a production capacity of 330,000 tons of P2O5 each, were built along the same lines and include a sulphuric acid production shop, using imported solid sulphur,general services and utilities that ensure the plant's energy self-reliance,a phosphoric acid production shop, where the acid is produced through a controlled sulphuric acid attack on the phosphate.The plants share a large machinery maintenance department to ensure good coverage of the facilities.