Spandex or elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than natural rubber. Because of its elasticity and strength (stretching up to five times its length), spandex has been incorporated into a wide range of applications. Spandex is found in apparel and clothing articles where stretch is desired, generally for comfort and fit, such as active wear, swimwear, fashion apparel, hosiery, denims, socks, and shaped garments. A benefit of spandex is its significant strength and elasticity and its ability to return to the original shape after stretching and faster drying than ordinary fabrics. For clothing, spandex is usually mixed with cotton or polyester and accounts for a small percentage of the final fabric, which therefore retains most of the look and feel of the other fibers. The global demand for spandex yarns is over 650,000 tons a year.

Indorama’s spandex yarns can be combined with spun or filament yarns to produce a wide spectrum of knitted, woven, and non-woven products. We produce spandex yarns in conventional deniers of 20, 40, and 70.